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As a business owner, you understand the importance of your payments gateway. It is how you conveniently process customer transactions who pay you using credit or debit cards and electronic checks. The biggest problem is the processing of all those transactions, especially if you have a large number of them. The time required by one of your office staff to run the transactions and then to reconcile them can be immense.

Wouldn't you like a payments platform that allowed you to run transactions from six different payment channels and report them all in one concise report? Of course, you say. 

Y2Payments offers that exact solution!  It's called the CONDUIT!  Credit, debit card and ACH/EFT payments are processed seamlessly. The Conduit simply translates your billing system output file data into to the format of the gateway provider, executes all the transactions, and then converts the finished file back to the format required by your system -- and it does all that in a matter of seconds! The speed and ease of the Conduit will not only save you the time and money spent to run the payments, it will slash the heart out of your current credit card transaction fees.

The Y2Payments Conduit FEATURES

The Conduit from Y2Payments has many beneficial features. A few of them are:
  • 100% Secure and PCI DSS Compliant
  • One-at-a-Time ACH or Credit/Debit Card Transactions
  • Process Bulk or Batch Transactions
  • HTTPS Batch Submission
  • FTP Submission
  • Real Time Processing
  • Keep Your Existing System File Formats
  • Support for Software Used In All Industries
  • Interfaces With ANY Credit Card Processor
  • Online and Custom Reporting
  • Reports Are Easily Downloaded
  • Robust Research Tools
  • Multi-Threaded Processing
  • Supports Tokenization

BENEFITS of the Y2Payments Conduit

In addition to the ease of use and money saved while conducting business, the Conuit has many exceptional benefits, including:
  • Zero IT Implementation Expense
  • Y2Payments Handles the Gateway Integration
  • Absolutely No Change to Your Current Job Functions
  • Reduces Office Staff Time Spent On Account Reconciliation
  • Intuitive Interface With a Minimal Learning Curve
  • Processing Reports Sorted According to Your Organizational Structure
  • Consolidated Reporting Available for Multiple Customer Relationships
  • Start Date to End-of-Life Transaction History is Maintained in the Event You Change Gateways or Payment Processors
  • The Conduit Simplifies Recurring Billing Functions Through a Robust Payment Plan Module

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