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Y2Payments is a merchant account services company specializing in the delivery of government-style pricing to Main Street merchants.  Our goal is for Merchants to slash a huge percentage of credit card processing expense from their bottom line.

Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Sales
Is your merchant account a "black-hole" expense?
Typical merchant account providers charge “bundled” rates for “qualified” transactions.  However, and without explanation to the merchant, a large percentage of that merchant’s business often gets hit with a tiered-rate surcharge, a.k.a. mid- and non-qualified transaction costs.  Those excess fees operate like a black-hole to siphon profits from the merchant and increase profits for the service provider — that’s a win for the provider but not the merchant.

From locations in Illinois and Arizona, we have been providing cost effective payment solutions to State Agencies and businesses of all sizes since 1985.  We do that through a national network of experienced Referral Agents each having core competencies in related business services. 

Y2Pay, and its Referral Agents, share the common denominator of putting the merchant’s interests first unlike the credit card salesperson who is motivated to maximize commissions on every sale.  We work to build a long-standing, trusted advisor relationship with every customer—our merchant wins.  The provider doesn't. 

Absolutely No Mid- and Non-Qualified Surcharges

Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Sales
Odds that you'll get Interchange Plus pricing are about like this!
Unlike the interchange plus pricing we deliver, about 70% of existing merchant accounts are set up with the outlandishly expensive tiered pricing structure.  If your account statement lists surcharges for "mid-qualified" and "non-qualified” transactions, that means you are paying tiered merchant account pricing.  Why? 

Put simply, our competitors seem more interested in their profit than they are in yours.  Your odds of a competitor volunteering to give you our style of pricing is about equal to the nearest casino where the house always wins!

How We Work

One of our Referral Agents could ask you for a recent copy of a merchant account billing statement for analysis.  One of two things will happen next. 

Merchant Accounts, Credit Card Sales
Does this remind you of any service providers?
First, if we discover that your pricing is at least comparable to what we offer—then you’ll get that positive feedback along with our compliments.  The second and most likely event is that we will set up a convenient time to do a webinar demonstration of our proposed pricing and the dollars you can save.  Credit/debit cards and eCheck transaction options are all included to your bottom line benefit.
Next, you decide if changing over to our recommended platform is in your best interest.  Assuming you give us a “yes” answer, the application, underwriting, setup, and training functions take place.  Last, and for many years going forward, you will spend less on merchant processing expenses—and we hope to bring you more value-add technologies that will drive new top-line sales; that's more payments for us to process.  We win when you win!

To learn more about how we do what we do, read through "The DNA of Credit Card Pricing" (coming soon).  Another coming article you’ll find interesting is "Is There a Pickpocket in Your Merchant Account?"  Be careful, though, because you might end up thinking your current merchant account processor is using his favorite tool to tweak your credit card pricing! 

Contact Y2Payments today to learn how we can help provide you with a superior payment system. Call us at 888-693-1850. You can also reach us with any payment systems questions that you may have through our Contact Us page.

For an interactive demo of our payments gateway, use our Contact Us page and suggest a time that is convenient for you to invest 20-minutes.  We'll do our best to make it rewarding for your business and its benjamins.


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